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Durham Precision Optics (DPO) is a manufacturer of optical and micro-optical components and sub-systems used in a wide range of applications including scientific instrumentation, ophthalmic devices and defence & security.

DPO have a wide range of ultra high precision machining and metrology capabilities established over a number of years initially to support research and development projects for the design and manufacture of complex optical systems for Astronomy.

The DPO customer base has expanded very rapidly to the extent that now more than 80% of projects are non-Astronomy related.

Modern diamond turning machines offer an unparalleled level of positioning accuracy and control for the production of complex surfaces, capable of producing high precision, optical quality surfaces to sub-micron form accuracy and with nm surface roughness.

DPO have invested significantly to ensure the best quality machined products employing a number of different control and proprietary programming techniques. This provides surface form error capabilities of <100nm rms over apertures exceeding 100mm and surface roughness capabilities of typically <3nm rms and on occasion at the sub-nm level (subject to machining and material limitations).

As an essential capability in support of our precision machining facilities DPO also have an extensive optical and mechanical metrology laboratory. Ranging from optical interferometry and 3D microscopy to precision 3D profilometry and CMM measurements, DPO offer a wide range of metrology capabilities on a contract basis.

In addition to component level testing we can offer complete system testing and characterisation either at room temperature or for IR systems, at cooled temperatures down to 30 Kelvin.

Utilising our wide range of equipment and experience DPO offer customers a unique capability to provide solutions for the manufacture of bespoke, one-off components through to the production, in quantity, of more conventional optical components.

DPO Core Team

Prof. David Robertson - DPO Head
Dr. Cyril Bourgenot - Optical Engineer
Mr. Ken Parkin - Precision Engineer
Mr. David Ryder - Precision Engineer

Dr. David Crosby - Consultant and Surface Maestro